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At Saskatoon Executive Rental we understand the stress and demand it takes to find a new rental property. Whether you are relocating to Saskatoon and need a temporary residence or are working in Saskatoon on a short term assignment, our goal is to make your time in Saskatoon as easy and as enjoyable as possible.

We are a small rental group that is focused on providing the best level of service possible to all people who stay with us. Being professionals ourselves and having travelled and lived across the world for work, we understand what people want in a short term or long term rental property.

Within Saskatoon you will find several other furnished short term and long term rental options so we recommend that you search around and find the best fit for your individual needs. When looking at furnished rental properties though, be sure to understand what you are actually getting. For example, some companies say that they provide dishes but may only provide 4 plates, 4 cups, etc. This isn't really functional for anyone today as you don't want to spend all of your time doing dishes. We are focused on making your time with us as enjoyable as possible so offer the extras you would expect in your own home including ample dishes, small appliances including a coffee maker, toaster, microwave, blender, wine glasses, cork screw, cooking and baking dishes, and much more.

Also be sure to check about parking. As Saskatoon continues to grow as a city, parking is becoming a premium within the city. Many rental companies will claim they have parking available but it may be at an additional charge. Also be sure to confirm if the parking is inside or outside. Saskatoon winters can be very cold and unless you have a remote start in your vehicle it can be difficult and at times impossible to start your vehicle if you don’t have underground or covered parking.

If you are relocating to Saskatoon and just need a temporary residence we can also assist you in finding a permanent home through a large network of professional contacts throughout the city including real estate agents, home builders, and other real estate services.


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