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If you have talked to anyone that has visited Saskatoon in the past few years you will often hear that there is a large shortage of hotel rooms and short term accommodations for people. This is largely due to the incredible growth Saskatoon is seeing. Saskatoon is one of the fastest growing cities in North America. Below is a high level summary of the cost differences between our rates and the average Saskatoon hotel rate if you can even get a hotel room during peak times within the city.

Hotel Rates

An "average" hotel room in Saskatoon will cost you approximately $150 per night plus taxes. This does not include parking which is on average $20 per night. This room will be a single room with a bathroom and no kitchen which means you will be paying to eat out at restaurants on top of your stay. On average you will be spending approximately $235 per day to stay within Saskatoon.

A "premium" hotel room in Saskatoon will cost you at minimum $200 per night plus taxes. This again does not include parking and does not provide you amenities like a kitchen within your room so you are forced to eat out for meals. On average you will be spending approximately $290 per day to stay within Saskatoon.

Our Rates

All of our rental properties would be compared to a "premium" hotel room or higher. Our average price works out to approximately $80 - $100 per night for a fully furnished luxury suite. On top of this all of our suites have fully functional kitchens which allow you to cook all meals at the property allowing you to spend as little or as much as you want on food and eat far healthier. Also included is free parking so you don't have to worry about this additional cost as well.

Our rates are significantly cheaper for both short term and long term rentals even if you are only living in the city during the week days. Our suites allow you to control how you want to eat and to save a lot of money instead of eating out at restaurants all of the time. In addition, by having a rental property you now have a dedicated property where you no longer have to live out of a suitcase. Instead you have a Saskatoon based home where you can live a more luxurious lifestyle and really enjoy your time here.


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